Submission form

Please read all the information supplied carefully then complete all the relevant sections of the submission form in BLOCK LETTERS. The completion of the submission form is taken as an acceptance of the terms of contract.


Failure to supply adequate samples may necessitate a request for a second sample and delay issuing of the result. Samples can only be accepted if sent by a qualified physician or a recognised diagnostic laboratory.


GENDIA will invoice the party specified in the submission form to effect payment for testing. GENDIA partner labs will be billed seperately every 3 months. We accept payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or direct bank transfer.


Turnaround times for the various genetic tests differ and are available on request. Test results can be sent by regular mail, fax, and/or email to the referring physician or laboratory.


Consent is required before a sample can be taken from any individual. In the case of minors, donors suffering from a mental disorder, and donors who are not in a position to give their own consent, a legal guardian or a person having parental responsibility for the donor must consent. In the case of a donor with a mental disorder, the doctor under whose care the donor is must certify that taking a sample and testing will not adversely affect the donor, and the donor's proper care or treatment. It is the consenting person's responsibility to ascertain that they do have the legal right to give authorisation. It is the responsibility of the referring physician or laboratory to obtain the necessary consent. Please contact GENDIA if you need consent forms.

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