Terms of Contract  

1) In these terms of contract, "sample" will mean the specimen accepted by GENDIA for the purpose of genetic testing. "Requestor" refers to the physician or laboratory requesting the test, as specified in the submission form.

2) The purpose of the DNA analysis is to assess the probability of having an inherited predisposition to a genetic disease. The nondetection of specific mutations does not rule out the possibility of increased risk for the disease.

3) The standard fee will cover:

the genetic test


analysis of the test result


the test report

4) Testing will only be carried out when:
the submission form is received filled out as requested
all the samples required are received in good condition

5) The "requestor" is responsible for getting informed consent from the patient whose sample is analysed.

6) Once registration forms and samples are received, these will be deemed to constitute an order to carry out testing. If the test is cancelled for any reason, cancellation charges of 100 euro per gene per patient will apply.

7) Payment of the invoice should be performed by the laboratory/person requesting the test and signing this form within 3 months after receiving GENDIA's invoice.
If payment of the invoice is not received by GENDIA within that period, GENDIA is entitled a surplus payment of 5% per quarter.

8) GENDIA reserves the right to request more samples, especially, but not exclusively, in cases where the sample taken does not comply with the volume specified in the instructions issued, or where the integrity of the sample is in doubt.

9) GENDIA will take all reasonable steps to produce a report within the stipulated time, but cannot accept responsibility for any delays.

10) GENDIA will send a copy of the test report to the Requestor. In all other respects GENDIA will keep the results confidential, and will not submit them to any other party. GENDIA will carry out the test only on the understanding that the Requestor will make the report available to all persons who consented for a DNA sample to be analysed.

11) GENDIA is not responsible for the authenticity of the samples provided for testing.

12) GENDIA is not responsible for any psychological, legal or practical consequences of the test.

13) GENDIA assures that the sample will only be used for the test indicated by the requestor, who can ask to destroy the sample at any time.

14) This agreement will be subject to the Belgian law and to the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.

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